Reliable & Trustworthy
Reliability is a something we highly value at Satalution. Due to the scalibilty of our platform we won't suffer from downtimes in high traffic periods and guarantee we track every click.


Accurate Targeting

Knowing where a user is located and the user’s behavior profile are the foundation of successful internet advertising. At Satalution, we have developed and honed our abilities to provide our advertising clients with traffic in real time. Our servers can deploy advertisements all across the globe at incredibly fast rates….

Exclusive Network

Satalution has built a extensive network of traffic that is unique to the industry and that no other competitor can offer. With millions of users accessing our websites daily, our advertising clients benefit from our wide-ranging network, and our comprehensive targeting technology will connect them with the ideal traffic! Our advertisers…


Satalution is a global supplier of premium quality traffic. We’ve acquired the most up-to-date, accurate Geo-targeting technology , and combined with our Real-Time Bidding model, our clients get the top quality traffic they deserve at a price they can feel good about. We employ some of the most advanced filters in the industry,…

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  • Flipkart
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